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Research Groups

The network of participants involved in this project are informally organized in the following five different research groups. For further information on activities and reseach in each of the groups please contact the corresponding group leader.

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Group leader: Niels Richard Hansen
Other participants: Anders Krogh, Anders Albrecthsen, Claus Ekstrøm, Jeremy David Silver, Lisbeth Carstensen, Ole Winther Christensen, Thomas Alexander Gerds, Thomas Hamelryck, Ulla Brasch Mogensen

Survival Analysis

Group leader: Thomas Scheike
Other participants: Mette Gerster, Niels Keiding, Per Kragh Andersen, Thomas Alexander Gerds, Ulla Mogensen

Dynamical Stochastic Models

Group leader: Susanne Ditlevsen
Other participants: Anders Tolver Jensen, Bo Markussen, Helle Sørensen, Jesper Lund Pedersen, Julie Lyng Forman, Martin Jacobsen, Michael Sørensen, Søren Johansen, Theis Lange, Thomas Mikosch

Image Analysis and Functional Data

Group leader: Bo Markussen
Other participants: Christian Ritz, Ib Skovgaard, Jørgen Holm Petersen, Thomas Scheike, Klaus Holst, Anders Tolver Jensen, Helle Sørensen

Statistical Computing

Group leader: Peter Dalgaard
Other participants: Claus Ekstrøm, Klaus Holst

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