Statistics – University of Copenhagen

The research project "Statistical Methods for Complex and High Dimensional Models" within the Program of Excellence is an interfaculty statistical research project at the University of Copenhagen.

The main research goal of the project is to develop and investigate statistical methodology and theory for the large and complex data sets available in many sciences and in industry. The main themes will be
  • Bioinformatics
  • Survival Analysis
  • Dynamical Stochastic Models
  • Image Analysis
  • Functional Data
  • Statistical Computing
The merger of the University of Copenhagen and the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University brought together three strong statistics groups. Within this project we will combine the strengths of the three groups and will use their strong mathematical background and the synergistic effect of bringing together statisticians from applied and theoretical environments to create a globally leading centre of statistical science.

Principal investigator is Professor Michael Sørensen but the research project is broadly founded in the statistical community at the University. A steering group has been formed with representation from the three major statistics group at the Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, and the Faculty of Natural Sciences, respectively, as well as the bioinformatics research centre at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The project is funded through the Program of Excellence at the University of Copenhagen. The grant runs for a 5 year period starting from July 2008.